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Big-Huge Announcement

If you haven't somehow gotten the memo that my blog has moved and you somehow aren't a friend of mine on facebook, then you probably missed out on this big-huge announcement our family made yesterday.

Movin' (for now)

I think I'm switching. Follow me here

Go Hoosiers!

Football season is here!!

Go Hoosiers!!

Lucas Oil Stadium Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from our tour of Lucas Oil Stadium a few weeks ago. The place is enormous! I've posted a few of these pictures on my facebook profile, but here's the rest of them...

TONS more behind the cutCollapse )


The ads are here. I'm seriously considering leaving LiveJournal. If I wanted ads on my Journal, I'd have signed up for a plus account.

The ads themselves aren't an issue for me. Like most people, I've learned to block out most online ads when I see them. My concern is the content of potential ads. What's to stop the ads from promoting something I don't support or don't agree with? 

I feel like I've lost a certain amount of creative control here. And I'm quite annoyed.

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Major Award
I had a dream a few nights ago that Aiden was a toddler again. He had the diapers, curly hair, and everything. But we were living in this house. Maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about how quickly our little boy is growing up. Parents tend to do that when their children have birthdays, don't they?

Happy Birthday, Aiden! Don't grow up too fast!

Still going...

Major Award
As one lady in our church put it, "It's been a long month this week." It's been busy, to say the least. Today's the first day I haven't been to a hospital or a nursing home since...two weeks ago (?).

There's no resting tonight, though. This morning, Christy won free tickets to tonight's Music Builds concert. So, we're heading to the Indy area to see Switchfoot, Third Day, and Jars of Clay tonight.

It's going to make for a long night. But I'm not complaining.


Taking a breath

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. I'll try to give more complete updates (with pictures) soon. Probably won't be until Tuesday evening (at the earliest).

Had a church member die Friday afternoon after a very quick, very difficult battle with a very rare and horrible disease. I was glad I got to spend a lot of time with her over the past week, but I wish I could have been there more. I was conducting a wedding rehearsal at the time she passed away. We went over to the family's house shortly after the rehearsal was over.

Saturday was the wedding, which was pretty cool. It was short and simple. The groom cried - which is always memorable.

After the reception, we hopped in the car and drove down to Indy to tour the new Colts stadium. Didn't get home till after 11.

Sunday was church. I got up at 4:45 because I felt like I needed to revise my sermon.

Today, I'm preparing for tomorrow's funeral.

Oh yeah, the kids started school, too. And Friday was our 10th anniversary.

We've gone through the whole spectrum of emotions over the last four or five days. And now I need a nap.

But at least we get the Big Ten Network now.

All Drug Olympics

I was listening to sports talk radio today and heard something about track & field athletes complaining about being tested too frequently for drugs.

This made me think of an SNL skit from more than 15 years ago. I thought it was pretty funny then. I think it's even funnier now.

It had been years since I'd seen this. It made me cry I was laughing so hard. And that doesn't happen too often.

Maybe it's all because of context. There was the story of the Hungarian dislocating his elbow yesterday. And the pictures were pretty gruesome. I don't think I was laughing at him. If I was laughing at him, that would make me a bad, bad, person - wouldn't it?

Or maybe it's because I needed a release. Some people in our congregation are going through some pretty dark valleys right now. So maybe this was somehow therapeutic.

Then again, maybe it's just funny.

"I think tomorrow, he's really gonna feel that, Dennis."


This one's for Melissa

Major Award
So, we didn't get to see the Super Colon (here's an article with pictures if you really want to see it). I know, I know. There's a lot of disappointment in the reading audience.

Instead of an oversized colon, how about an oversized brain?

This one was at the Evansville Children's Museum.

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